The 2024 Football Mega Mix

Football and old school dance anthems go hand in hand, right? 

For ninety minutes and as the knock-out tournament tightens, sometimes even longer, that feeling of a mild anxiety attack taking over is a sensation all true football fans have experienced at one time or another. But if at the final whistle, your team has got the result you all wished for, it's followed by a huge sense of relief and release. It's at this very point when the party should really start. So don’t just head straight home with your body feeling like you’ve just played the 90s minutes yourself and get some anthems on, dance around like a nutter with your friends new and old and bask in the glory of a good result.

Over the last two or three, male and female tournaments. This is just what my local bar has been helping accommodate us with and, along the way, one of the wildest playlists of mainly unofficial football songs was born. We're not talking Three Lions and Sweet Caroline here, more early 2000s trance and noughties dance classics with a sprinkling of 80s hits that all have a hint of a football chant in them and at the very core just carry a feeling of pure ecstasy. 

With some help from some friends, we’ve compiled ten of the best unofficial football anthems and put together a selection of tunes for the ultimate final whistle party mixed by All Out Attack b2b with myself -  Click on the link Below 

Enjoy the after party



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